Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital is a kind of investment fund that manages fund from different investors and lend it to start-ups, emerging companies which have huge growth potential.

Venture capital investments take involve higher risks by investing in an early-stage of company with no history, in exchange they expect higher return for their high risk equity investment.

TFC Consulting offers Venture Capital advisory services to companies which are seeking investment at early -stage, with our strong global network in the venture capital arena we  help you prepare the business plan for submission to these venture capitalists as well as help you negotiate the process needed for investments by these firms.

  • The Seed stage : Venture capital funding start with seed –stage when a company is just little more than an idea for a product or services and potential to develop into a successful business down the line.
  • Start-up Stage: At this stage companies require capital infusion because company completes its research and product development process, now ready to begin marketing & advertising their products & services to potential targeted market segments.
  • First Stage: it is also called emerging stage, at this stage company is now ready to go into actual manufacturing and sales, and this requires a higher amount of capital than the previous stages.
  • Expansion Stage: This is referred to as second & third stage funding, at this stage business has already started selling its products or services and seeing exponential growth and needs additional funding to keep up with the demands It requires this funding to support market expansion or start another line of business activity.
  • Bridge Stage: This is final stage of venture capital funding, when the business has reached at maturity and at this stage funding requires to support, acquisitions, mergers and IPO and at this stage many venture capital investor choose to sell their share in the company receiving a significant return on their investments