Rural Market-Product promotions

The future of India lives in the villages “Majority of total Indian lives in villages and this rural population comprises the core of Indian society and as well as it represents the real India. INDIA is a country with 1.32 billion people of which 70% live in rural areas. India’s RURAL population comprise of 13% of the world population representing a huge untapped Market

TFC Consulting have a good forte in the rural or Real India Market and we have very experienced people on board who have been working in the rural market for many years

TFC Consulting, promote products, Brands and Companies, and design campaigns in various ways some of them are as below:-Door to Door Campaign

  • Campaign in Public Transport:
  • Weekly Market-Mela (fair) Campaign:
  • School/College Promotions-Events, Demonstration, Free Samplings:

Door to Door Campaign

In this promotional activity, we go home to home in the targeted area and explain the product, brand, and features in the native language of the area.

Weekly Market-Mela (fair) Campaign

We organize innovative campaigns for our customers, prominent amongst them is conducting promotional activities in Weekly Bazaar and Mela (Fair) this gives a great boost to sales and brand popularity.

Campaign in Public Transport

In this promotional Activity, we design complain about Local Bus stations, Railway Station and Taxi stand where we distribute promotional material and also travel at a certain distance along with co-passenger to promote the product in running Bus/train.

School/College Promotions-Events, Demonstration, Free Samplings

TFC Consulting does promotional Activities School/college Campus like demonstrations, distribution of promotional materials, free samplings, demonstration, and other education-related programmes. We have a dedicated team to undertake this activity across Targeted. Area.

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