Partner Search & Joint Venture

A Joint Venture is a strategic alliance where two or more entities want to share their unique strengths, synergies and capabilities in certain geographical areas or business functions, but do not want to lose their own identity.  As there’s no transfer of ownership in a joint venture deal, it differs from a merger. Joint Venture Companies are the most preferred module in this competitive world more entities are expected to turn to joint ventures and alliances as an effective strategy to win a marketplace in a new market or specific projects.  

Advantages of JV (Joint Venture)

  • It helps getting access to new opportunity and already established distribution channel.
  • It helps in sharing the risks and liabilities
  • IT Provides access to higher resource opportunities, which includes- specialised staff, technological well being and even finance
  • It opens immense opportunities for advanced level, purchase, research & development, operation and marketing
  • It helps in reduction of overall costs/ economies of scale.
  • It helps in getting entry into sectors which don’t allow exclusive ownership by foreign investors

TFC Consulting offers Joint Venture advisory services to client across varied sector .our team of highly experienced professional helps clients through the entire life cycle of setting up a joint venture with the help of our extensive global network with SME,large corporate and multinationals to ensure smooth and fast execution of the transaction 

What TFC Consulting offers?  

  • Strategy : review clients business strategy before committing to a joint venture
  • Finding JV partner: we help clients to identify the ideal JV partner for success of the Joint venture.
  • Negotiation: It is highly complex process, but we have tremendous experience in negotiation and bring what best for our client
  • Deal Structuring
  • Drafting the JV agreement: We help our clients analyse the critical provisions to be included in the agreement for avoiding future conflicts
  • Getting regulatory approvals for Joint Venture
  • Project Management and Resource Pooling for JV
  • Advising Joint Venture