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  • TFC Consulting LLP is one of the leading corporate advisory and strategic management consulting firms. We offer tailor made end to end advisory services to Private & Public Companies, Corporations, domestic and international institutions and Governments.
    • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
    • Partner Search & Joint Venture(JV)
    • Angel Investor Funding
    • Venture Capital
    • Private Equity
    • Wealth Management

Mergers & Acquisitions

TFC Consulting is one of the leading global M&A advisory firms and we have expertise in all facets of transaction process including valuation, deal structuring, negotiation, facilitating due diligence and closing. We represent clients on the sell-side as well as buy side by leveraging our deep relationships, rich experience and deep understanding of the complexities involved in cross border and domestic transactions.

  • Sell -Side M&A Advisory Services
  • Buy -Side M&A Advisory Services

Sell -Side M&A Advisory Services

TFC Consulting, through and well disciplined Sell Side M&A advisory process and deep industry expertise, has resulted   in a proven track record of delivering successful out comes for our clients.

Sell-side M& A advisory services performed by us include:

  • Understanding and prioritizing objectives and goals
  • Positioning the company for sale
  • Researching, identifying and initiating discussions with potential buyers
  • Management Meeting and Discussion Facilitation
  • Offer Analysis and Deal Term Negotiations
  • Supporting and overseeing the due diligence process

Buy -Side M&A Advisory Services

Acquisition of any company in a highly competitive M&A environment requires expertise in researching and identifying acquisition targets, initiating conversations and pursuing the correct strategies.

TFC Consulting team of M&A advisors and business strategist acts as an outsourced corporate development arm either with your management team or existing corporate development team to identify, evaluate and execute proprietary deals that will expand your business.

  • Determining and developing acquisition criteria
  • Formulating growth strategy alternatives
  • Screening potential targets and conduct exhaustive outreach to the candidates most interesting to your management team
  • Preparing letters of intent and related documents
  • Coordinating financial and operational due diligence
  • Advising on deal structure, considering tax and financial issues

Partner Search & Joint Venture

A Joint Venture is a strategic alliance where two or more entities want to share their unique strengths, synergies and capabilities in certain geographical areas or business functions, but do not want to lose their own identity.  As there’s no transfer of ownership in a joint venture deal, it differs from a merger. Joint Venture Companies are the most preferred module in this competitive world more entities are expected to turn to joint ventures and alliances as an effective strategy to win a marketplace in a new market or specific projects.  

Advantages of JV (Joint Venture)

  • It helps getting access to new opportunity and already established distribution channel.
  • It helps in sharing the risks and liabilities
  • IT Provides access to higher resource opportunities, which includes- specialised staff, technological well being and even finance
  • It opens immense opportunities for advanced level, purchase, research & development, operation and marketing
  • It helps in reduction of overall costs/ economies of scale.
  • It helps in getting entry into sectors which don’t allow exclusive ownership by foreign investors

TFC Consulting offers Joint Venture advisory services to client across varied sector .our team of highly experienced professional helps clients through the entire life cycle of setting up a joint venture with the help of our extensive global network with SME,large corporate and multinationals to ensure smooth and fast execution of the transaction 

What TFC Consulting offers?  

  • Strategy : review clients business strategy before committing to a joint venture
  • Finding JV partner: we help clients to identify the ideal JV partner for success of the Joint venture.
  • Negotiation: It is highly complex process, but we have tremendous experience in negotiation and bring what best for our client
  • Deal Structuring
  • Drafting the JV agreement: We help our clients analyse the critical provisions to be included in the agreement for avoiding future conflicts
  • Getting regulatory approvals for Joint Venture
  • Project Management and Resource Pooling for JV
  • Advising Joint Venture

Angel Investor Funding

Angel Investor usually are high Net worth Individual (HNI) ,they are also known as informal investor ,private investor and seed investor who wish to invest their funds in Start-up or new business for high return on investment. it is form of equity funding ,investor invest fund in new company or start-up in exchange for ownership equity . Unlike banking institutions that invest in already profitable businesses, angel investors invest in entrepreneurs taking their first steps in business. Risks of failing the start-up are comparatively high

 TFC Consulting, investment banking team provide seamless solutions to our wide range of clients. We have long standing relationship with Angel investors, HNI and Institutions both   

  • TFC Consulting, approach each transaction with the goal of creating a capital structure that enables our clients to achieve their strategic priorities with the best terms available in the market. TFC gamut of services and global network enables us to efficiently execute complex, multi-dimensional cross-border and regional transactions.

Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital is a kind of investment fund that manages fund from different investors and lend it to start-ups, emerging companies which have huge growth potential.

Venture capital investments take involve higher risks by investing in an early-stage of company with no history, in exchange they expect higher return for their high risk equity investment.

TFC Consulting offers Venture Capital advisory services to companies which are seeking investment at early -stage, with our strong global network in the venture capital arena we  help you prepare the business plan for submission to these venture capitalists as well as help you negotiate the process needed for investments by these firms.

  • The Seed stage : Venture capital funding start with seed –stage when a company is just little more than an idea for a product or services and potential to develop into a successful business down the line.
  • Start-up Stage: At this stage companies require capital infusion because company completes its research and product development process, now ready to begin marketing & advertising their products & services to potential targeted market segments.
  • First Stage: it is also called emerging stage, at this stage company is now ready to go into actual manufacturing and sales, and this requires a higher amount of capital than the previous stages.
  • Expansion Stage: This is referred to as second & third stage funding, at this stage business has already started selling its products or services and seeing exponential growth and needs additional funding to keep up with the demands It requires this funding to support market expansion or start another line of business activity.
  • Bridge Stage: This is final stage of venture capital funding, when the business has reached at maturity and at this stage funding requires to support, acquisitions, mergers and IPO and at this stage many venture capital investor choose to sell their share in the company receiving a significant return on their investments

Private Equity Funding

Private Equity investment plays a very important role in development of business, which has huge potential to grow in many folds but lacking behind sufficient fund. Possibility of investment in such businesses by private equity can help revitalise the business.

TFC Consulting is one of the leading investments banking advisory firm we have developed tremendous expertise across industries and this enables us to recognize emerging industry themes and position transactions within their context.

TFC consulting, work extensively with private equity firms worldwide through our network so that our clients benefit from wider geographic reach .we provide end to end solutions supporting our clients at each and every stage of the Private Equity Fund raising process.

TFC Consulting offer following services under our private equity advisory services:

  • We work alongside our clients to raise Private Equity Fund to fuel their next growth phase
  • We leverage our domestic and global network to reach the potential investors
  • We advise on Regulatory and Legal aspects of the transactions and funding activities.

 Our PE advisory services helps in dealing with all aspects of understanding the risk and rewards involved in the Fund’s Life Cycle

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