Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring & Turnaround

Today’s Businesses are facing an array of challenges which continuously increasing due to rapid technological changes, huge competition, Global Uncertainties, mergers, acquisitions, and evolving regulatory requirements. It becomes very difficult to manage the day to day operation of the business while identifying required modification to increase the top line & bottom-line especially in the over-leveraged situation and at this stage, the company loses its grip and gradually get into a huge crisis.

TFC Consulting, Restructuring & Turnaround practice offers critical assistance to that companies are underperforming, in financial crisis, badly affected by any internal or external factors

TFC Consulting understands the effort required to help a company through the crisis.  Our Turnaround and Corporate Renewal experts work alongside company management to develop obtainable executable plans and We provide advice on specific aspects of the turnaround process which includes.

  • Developing a restructuring plan that meets the long-term goals of company while also satisfying the short-term needs of creditor groups.
  • Address liquidity concerns and  developing a realistic financial projection and understanding the financial impact of strategic and operational alternatives
  • Reconfiguring the debt of the company to minimize cash required for servicing the debt, and redirecting cash flow to company operations during the reorganization phase
  • Restructuring of the existing capital structures and Raising incremental Capital
  • Assist in preparing financing requests and negotiating the most favorable terms possible
  • Negotiating with various creditor groups to gain support for the continued operation of the company
  • Evaluate opportunities of Supply Chain Finance programs , advisory on design and rollout
  • Develop and implement daily, weekly, and monthly management reports to assess performance against goals